Selection of quotes about Roger McCarthy QC

Chambers and Partners
  • “.. has impressed several leading practitioners with the speed with which he gets grip on cases”
  • “..reported to be “very constructive and helpful to deal with”
Chambers and Partners
  • “…his profound intellect is there for all to see”
  • “…low key but effective style”
  • “…Coram…strong specialist family set. [RM] stands out as the leader. Reflecting the set’s strength in children law, he acts for families, guardians and local authorities with “fearless passion”. A keen exponent of public law, he is a veteran of numerous judicial reviews”
Lawyer Magazine
  • “…has a very good court manner and a good manner with clients as well as being a good lawyer..”
Judicial comments in law reports
Lord Judge LCJ, Richards and McFarlane LJJ
  • “…In his oral submissions . Mr McCarthy was clear and precise”
Munby LJ and Thirlwall J
  • “…We agree both with the conculsions at which Mr McCarthy would have us arrive and with the general thrust… of his submissions”
Thorpe LJ and Black LJ
  • “…We are much indebted to Mr McCarthy for his very clear appraisal of the points of law”
Wall P (Court of Protection)
  • “…I basically agree with Mr McCarthy..”
  • “…I therefore agree with Mr McCarthy..”
  • “…My strong hope is that Mr McCarthy is proved right..”
Thorpe LJ and Etherton LJ
  • “…(RM’s) erudite skeleton.”
Munby J
  • “…(RM) maintaining his composure.. under…fire, was not to be deflected”
  • “…(RM)..his eloquence”
Sumner J
  • “…the helpful and sensitive way in which (RM and others).. presented a quite heart rending case to me”
  • “…(RM)…his enormously helpful written submissions, extended by his valuable arguments”
Collins J
  • “…I am particularly grateful to Mr McCarthy QC for the sensitive and sensible way in which he put forward his client’s case”
Brooke LJ
  • “(RM)…his very clear submissions”
Laws J
  • “(RM)…In these days when too many people believe that language only means what its user wants it to mean, it is refreshing to entertain so refined an argument “
Maurice Kay J
  • “…Mr McCarthy took me through the research papers..In a devastating critique he showed me how the research evidence was not all one way”
Nourse, Farquharson and Evans LJJ
  • “…Mr McCarthy’s very clear arguments”
(In letter to RM after successful House of Lords hearing from Lord Hope of Craighead)
  • “…your fine performance”